The Mustard Seed

My wife and I recently reached the decision to sell our family business (Halla Nursery was started by my Grandfather in 1942, and we have been involved since the early 1980’s). We branched off for a time as The Mustard Seed by Mark and Kay Halla and then combined forces about 7 years ago, giving us a 77-year legacy in the Garden Center/Nursery/Landscape Contracting business. Because of our family’s long history in the industry, we wanted help in finding just the right Buyer. We selected Chris Enger and John Dierbeck, Principals of Midwest Business Associates, LLC (MBA), because they brought the right background, values, experience and network to find the right buyer at the right price (they only accept limited engagements so that they are able to devote extensive time to each client).

In my opinion, John and Chris have an approach that is unique in the industry. They both work together reaching out to the their extensive network to find a Buyer with the right characteristics as well as the capability of paying a fair price. We were able to work with them in developing the target criteria of potential Buyers, and then, under full confidentiality, determing whether we were comfortable reaching out.

They have expertise in general business, accounting, land use and sales as well as backgrounds and experience within our industry. They were supportive, creative in their approach, flexible and helpful in shepherding us through all aspects of the sale, including, but not limited to, zoning, governmental, environmental and also the financial elements we needed to understand and work with.

We know that we can call on John and Chris for questions and advice in the future and we recommend them highly to any business, family owned or otherwise, looking to pass on a legacy to the right buyer at the right price. Chris and John have not only been advocates of our sale, they have become friends in the process!

Sincerely yours,
Mark D. Halla

Environmental Engineering Company

The transition from “My Company” to the “New Environmental Engineering Company” has been great, and relatively seamless. I could not have done it without the support and direction I got from Chris and John. It was a two year process for me going from trying it on my own, to then retaining you guys. The process clearly confirms my belief that we should hire others to do what we don’t do well, and stick to doing what we do best, when there are options.

The “New Environmental Engineering Company” has been a great partner, taking over many of my admin duties, and giving me the freedom to do more engineering and marketing, which was what we had planned. I am enjoying the change, and believe they are happy with the transition as well.

Zimmerman Bros. Inc.

”We are so happy that we were referred by a valued business acquaintance to entrust Midwest Business Associates, with the sale of our 75 year old family owned, Randy & Lori Zimmerman Zimmerman Bros. Inc. trucking business. They provided great value to us in the search and the quality of all of the qualified buyers presented to us. The buyer in the end was the perfect fit for us and for the most fair price for all parties. Then they worked diligently to help shepherd our transaction all the way through to the closing, and they remained in constant contact with us every step of the way.

We can honestly say that the closing would not taken place without them applying their professionalism, skill and expertise, on our behalf. We felt from the very beginning that we were very well represented by them, and they did not rest until they were able to get us what we were looking for; especially for our customers, our employees, and for ourselves.

They are truly professionals at their craft. We were referred to them, they listened, went to work and then produced the desired results. We would recommend them without any hesitation whatsoever. We could not be any happier than we are with Chris and John. They were just great!”

Randy and Lori Zimmerman

Hoigaard’s Sews Up Family Legacy

The original Hoigaard’s tent and awning business plans for the next century…

Hoigaard’s has completed their plan to continue the family legacy through a sale of their original tent and awning business to local entrepreneur and businessman, David Aberle. Hoigaard family representative, Todd Brewer announced today, the sale of Hoigaard’s Custom Canvas & Awning, originally founded in 1895. The business will continue to bear the name, Hoigaard’s Custom Canvas & Awnings and carry on the same reputation for quality service and personalized customer care that it has been known for over 118 years.

Aberle, who has worked with several family businesses, shares the long term values of a heritage business. “The Hoigaard’s name and brand are synonymous with quality and craftsmanship” said Aberle, he went on to say, “this is what it is what attracted me to the business.” Brewer said “The most important thing to the Hoigaard family in this sale is the belief that Mr. Aberle will continue to build on the legacy of the Custom Canvas & Awning Business that was the original foundation of Hoigaard’s. We are convinced he will.  For over a century Hoigaard’s Custom Canvas & Awning has created high quality, innovative and distinct products to enhance their customers businesses and homes.”

The acquisition of Hoigaard’s Custom Canvas & Awning was handled by Midwest Business Associates, LLC, a Twin Cities based business brokerage firm.

Hoigaard’s Custom Canvas and Awnings is located at 14600 Martin Drive in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and can be reached at 952-934-8232 and www.hoigaardscustomcanvas.com.

Landform Professional Services

Chris Enger and John Dierbeck, the Senior Partners of Midwest Business Associates, LLC worked relentlessly to identify and qualify a buyer with the financial and professional capability to become an effective Partner in the firm.   From the very beginning, the Principals of MBA, invested their time and attention to understand exactly what I wanted to accomplish for my company and our clients.  They understood forming a stronger firm, well positioned for today’s market, and ready for the future, was key to a successful venture.  They worked hard on my behalf, always understanding the need for confidentiality so we could evaluate potential options without upsetting my employees, clients or the industry.

Through this process, MBA identified Robert (Bob) Schunicht PE, formerly as Vice President with Bonestro, and a well recognized professional with 38 years of consulting and business development experience. Together, MBA, Landform and the Buyer formulated a plan that would recognize not only the realities of today’s marketplace, but would move us to where the successful firms of tomorrow would need to be positioned.

I found that by working directly with both Chris and John, we were able to take their extensive knowledge and business experiences, combined with their professional networks, and successfully accomplish the goals.

I would highly recommend Midwest Business Associates, LLC to any business buyer or seller, to help accomplish their sale, merger or acquisition goals.


Darren Lazan, RLA

Landform Professional Services

Carlson Professional Services

Carlson Professional Services

Midwest Business Associates, LLC (MBA) provided a valuable service to Carlson Professional Services, Inc. (CPS) as a company wishing to growth through strategic acquisition, by identifying companies from their professional networks matching our acquisition criteria that were not actively or publically seeking a buyer. MBA’s work with these companies resulted in a careful process in which the owners could explore the potential of selling or merging with CPS in a very confidential, controlled way.

MBA worked diligently with CPS to understand our needs, and then with owners of companies in helping determine their level of interest in acquisition, and the fit of their company with CPS. MBA’s background work with both CPS and potential acquisition companies, facilitated introductions and productive, confidential meetings with the parties, which could not have been accomplished without their work.

The successful transaction between Carlson Professional Services, Inc. and McCain and Associates, Inc. is a direct result of MBA’s experience, expertise in the field, extensive professional network, and confidential approach which allowed us to meet our goal of growth through strategic acquisition. CPS would highly recommend MBA for assistance in finding the right businesses or buyers to result in successful mergers and acquisitions.

Wade A. Carlson


Carlson Professional Services, Inc.

Dan Herbst


Midwest Business Associates, LLC (MBA) offers business brokerage services for people wanting to sell, purchase or invest in a business.

I have known Chris for over 30 years and his partner John Dierbeck for several years. I believe they have a solid business plan, have great networking skills and a broad depth of experience. If you have an interest in buying, selling or investing a business, I would highly recommend that you contact Chris or John. They will add great value in facilitating and marketing an existing business for you, as well as to assist you in an acquisition.

When I marketed and sold my three Cheers Wine and Spirits Stores in Woodbury, Bloomington and Chanhassen, I was not able to find competent brokers who could help me analyze what these profitable businesses were worth and then taking the story to the right buyers. For that lack of expertise, I was not able to maximize the value of these stores. These two experienced people would have been of great assistance in achieving my goals.

Take a minute to visit their website, www.businessbrokersmba.com and contact them with any questions or ideas, and keep them in mind as a resource for yourselves or your network of business to business contacts.

Dan Herbst, Pemtom